End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Examples

Financially Life-Saving

Tim’s client was losing his Medicare Advantage Plan with his current carrier and he had End Stage Renal Disease. Tim explored all options and discovered he was eligible for a Medicare Supplement Plan. Tim enrolled him in Plan F and he now has very little out of pocket expenses, financially life-saving for his family.


Mary was on her husband’s employer health plan and had End Stage Renal Disease. When her husband retired, she needed to find a Medicare plan. Suzanne enrolled her in a plan offered by the same carrier that was used by her husband’s employer.


Charles had a successful kidney transplant several years ago and no longer had ESRD. Suzanne helped him through the carrier process to successfully document he no longer had ESRD, so he was able to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan.

Note: Names have been changed to protect individual’s privacy.