New Year Reminder: Do You Have Your 2020 Member IDs?

I realize this is a busy time of year for most of you with holiday celebrations, but this is also an important time to prepare for the new year and ensure you have the proper Medicare IDs in hand beginning January 1.  New Medicare cards were mailed earlier in 2019, and those new cards must be used beginning January 1.  The old cards, which contained a social security number, will no longer be accepted after 2019.  If you did not receive the new card, or need a replacement, notify Social Security to replace your card.

Have you moved or changed your phone number or email address? Be sure to notify your insurance company and notify your agent.  You should also notify Social Security of address and phone number changes.

Did you change or enroll in a Medicare plan for 2020 and did you receive your new Medicare plan member ID? If not, call your plan’s member services to request a replacement ID be mailed to you.  They may also be able to email you a temporary copy to print and use until your permanent ID arrives.

If you were enrolled with an Aetna prescription drug plan in 2019 and did not change plans, you should have received a new member ID for 2020 from WellCare.  If you are missing this card, call WellCare Member Services at 1-800-960-2530.

All Ohio Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage plan members should have received a new member ID for 2020.  To request a replacement for a missing card, call Anthem Member Services at 1-855-690-7796.

Does your 2020 plan include an over-the-counter (OTC) benefit? Then you should have received an OTC debit card from your plan as well as a catalog.  If you are missing either, call your plan’s Member Services.

On behalf of Heartland Insurance Group, I wish you a blessed and healthy 2020!

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