Client Feedback

Client Feedback

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Warren County, OH | 2022

Our Agent is wonderful. She is very helpful making sure our choices for our insurance meets our expectations. She is always informative on anything we may ask. She updates us on new choices and keeps us up to date on new news.


Montgomery County, OH | 2022

At 67 with significant medical issues I was concerned with the quality of the medical and drug plan that I could get. Suzanne took the time to research all my doctors, conditions and medications and gave me informed choices and information about all the plans that covered my doctors and medications. I am more than happy with the plan I chose! With the low out of pocket and no copays it has probably saved me 10’s of thousands of dollars over the 5 major surgeries I have had since signing up. I received many mail offers but they were only trying to sell me there plan or a plan they received commissions on no research no options no meeting no discussion!


Montgomery County, OH | 2022

I found that navigating through the Medicare options overwhelming & with Suzanne’s help, I feel confident I have the best plan for my needs.


Butler County, OH | 2022

Incredibly caring and knowledgeable person. When you have completed the process you feel like you have been educated and a plan has been designed specifically for you

Karen H

Montgomery County, OH | 2022

My agent was great; she got me the help I needed.  I had a mess of a situation but she got it all straightened out and notified me almost everyday. She’s a great lady and a great agent and I am blessed to have her


Greene County, OH | 2022

Did a good job finding a plan for us and getting back to us if we had questions