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New to Medicare

You are not alone – we will guide you through the enrollment process.

Are you turning 65 in the next year or retiring at a later age? We can review Medicare basics and costs with you, so you know what to expect. If you are still working, we can compare your current group insurance to your Medicare options, so you make the right choice. If you choose to enroll in Medicare, we will then review alternative plans for you as described in the next section.

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Plan Review and Options

You have many plans to choose from – let’s find the right one for you!

We’ll review your health needs and determine if your current plan meets those needs. Are you receiving the benefits you are entitled to and not overpaying? Is there a plan offering lower prescription drug prices? Are you in need of extra benefits your current plan may not offer? We research your options and help you enroll.

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Have Medicare AND Medicaid?

You may qualify for a Special Needs Plan with extra benefits.

Are you enrolled with Medicare and receiving Medicaid?  Many seniors who qualify for Medicaid are unaware of their eligibility for special Medicare Advantage plans that offer richer medical benefits than available under Medicaid alone.  We will check your qualification, compare plans, and help you enroll.

Veteran Benefits Examples

Plans for Veterans

Many plans offer extra benefits beyond VA or Tricare coverage.

Are you a veteran enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B? $0 monthly premium plans are available in many areas offering you large provider networks with extra benefits such as dental, vision, hearing, fitness memberships, and more. In some areas, plans may include a Part B premium reduction.

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Expensive Prescription Drugs

Let’s see if you qualify for programs to reduce your prescription costs.

Social Security offers Extra Help with prescription drug costs, and if you qualify, you may save on average $5,000 per year in prescription drug related costs.   Qualification is based on income and financial resources.  We can help you apply for Extra Help, and if you qualify your 2022 prescription copay is no more than $3.95 for each generic drug or $9.85 for each brand drug.  This program may also pay your monthly Part D prescription premium or any late Part D enrollment penalties.

Our agents are also knowledgeable in different prescription drug discount and advocacy programs that may benefit you.


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Dental Plans

Choose a dental plan with a large provider network.

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End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)

Short Term Health Insurance

We offer temporary health care insurance to bridge the gap to other coverage.

In between plans and in need of temporary insurance? Short term offers benefits for major medical events with an out-of-pocket maximum. Coverage can start as soon as the next day after you apply and last for up to one to two years with nationwide coverage. Short term plans are a budget-friendly insurance option.


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Travel Medical Insurance

Get peace of mind on your international travels.

We offer GeoBlue, associated with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield; dedicated to helping travelers and expatriates identify, access and pay for quality healthcare all around the world. Each GeoBlue policy is U.S. licensed and offers the most complete set of benefits and services in the industry. Coverage ranges from a short leisure trip to a multiple year work assignment.